They are free of charge.

Nothing! If you’d like to take notes, we’ll have notebooks and pens on site.

No, all you have to do to check-in is provide your name and company name.

No. It’s first come, first served.

Just register to your new desired event.

Yes, we encourage your entire company to register and join us.

Yes. It’s usually in front of the venue and it’s free of charge.

Yes. If you are ICPI and/or NCMA certified, you will receive credits for attending any of the shows. You will receive an email once you have attended with the details on how to redeem them.

Please send an email to info@hardscaper.com.

Please send an email to info@hardscaper.com.

To log in to your Hardcaper Virtual Event you must use your Hardscaper.com username and password (your email and password you created when registering for your event through the registration form). We highly recommend to login 1 hour before your event starts.

1. Email: Click on the event access link that was provided to you through your email the day before your event OR on the “LOGIN NOW” button through the email sent to you on the day of your event.

SMS/Text: Click on the event access link by SMS text received the day of your event. of your event.

2. A popup box will appear. Enter your username/email & password and click “LOGIN”

3. If successful, you will enter a virtual waiting room. A countdown will begin 5 minutes before your event starts.

Follow the steps below to register to your Hardscaper Virtual Showcase:

  1. Use the Hardscaper Virtual Showcase main registration page to begin your process. 

  2. Select the date you would like to attend the virtual event and click on the “RESERVE NOW” button.

  3. Complete the 2-step registration form and click on the “Submit my registration” button

  4. A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 seconds, we invite you to check your junk mail. If you have previously opted out of our communications you must re-opt in here.  You will receive an email with your event details the day before your event. 

If you have forgotten your Hardscaper password, follow the steps below to reset your password:

  1. Use this link
  2. Click on “Forgot Password”

  3. Fill out your email address and click on “Request reset link”

  4. Check your inbox and follow the steps How to login